Size matters: main advantages of big penis and the success in bed!

Have you ever heard talks about penis and the thing that size matters?! You probably heard because this kind of talks is pretty popular and there are many explanations of this fact. For example, men are always depending on their penis size, because it associates with the power in bed. In society, it is normal practice to judge man’s successes in bed by his size, because we have the stereotype that large penis can bring more pleasure than a small one. Of course, not everything depends on size, but these words have a piece of truth. The point is that the middle vagina’s length is just about 8 cm, but at the same time, the quality of pleasure depends on circumference too. So, in case if a man has a long penis but small circumference, it means that there will be no profit. Anyway, questions about size accompanied with the opportunities which Cialis for sale and same offers on marker can bring to them. Last tests showed that often this kind pill’s use shows that on the basis of additional flexibility it is possible to get about 2-3 cm more in length. So, anyway, today we are going to learn everything about penis sizes and their influence on the sexual life of their owners.

Big penis: definition, advantages, and disadvantages

What is the large penis and who matched the size which people call big?! We tried to find the middle length and statistics showed that large penis is everything after 16 cm. But is it correct to use the word “large” or we should call it long one?! So, at the same with the length time, we should find the size of its circumference. This calculation showed that large circumference is more than 14 cm. So, the final calculations showed that the final result which is possible to call big is 18х14 and everything more.

The main thing is that this kind of size belongs to only 5% of all men on the planet. It means that such huge size is pretty rare.

  • Advantages.

Big penis always brings real confidence. There is no more confidence man than someone who knows that his dignity in pants is large. It is a symbol of joy and power which man gen get over the women. Ladies are always wondered about sex with someone who has a big penis because in their minds it is a kind of try which can bring the best orgasm in their life. But when everything comes to practice, partners can find that their genital sizes are unsuitable. There was one accident when man after he used Cialis coupon, found that his penis becomes bigger. Happiness was turned into the fear when he found that he is not able now to have sex with own wife because now his penis is too big for her.

  • Disadvantages.

Could you even imagine the real size and its position in pants?! It is not easy to keep it always in a comfortable position. Men with huge penis always feel discomfort, because it is not easy to sweep under the carpet their dignity and at the same time avoid vulgarity.

In case if disadvantages don’t bring fear to you, it is always possible to use pills as the basis of your additional length. By the way, the price of Cialis will help you to save money and avoid large expenses.

How did porn create stereotypes about sizes

Porn star always has the position which opens information about their large penis, but research found that it is not almost truth. There are some secrets which porn star uses in their movies to pretend that their penises are large.

Most popular of them:

  • right chosen angle;

All subjects which are closer seems to be bigger.

  • tiny girls;

Most of the women in the industry are pretty tiny. It helps to create a kind of contrast and use it to pretend that penis is bigger than it is.

  • vacuum pumps.

This interesting invention helps to create additional volume for tissues on the basis of increased blood circulation and creation of tumor.

Women and their attitude to size

Now it would be interesting to learn some facts about women’s attitude about real penis size. So, here they are:

  • the even smallest penis could turn into the sex machine in case if a man knows technics;
  • even perfect size could be useless in case if the partner will be egoist – man should always remember that most of the women can get only clitoral orgasm;
  • in case of a large penis, it is important to pay attention to the preliminary caresses – woman need preparations before her vagina’s tissues are going to be ready.

So, as you can see, large size not always means that man will be a great lover. There are many shades which should be learned because men’s and women’s attitude about sizes are not the same.