Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction: Reasons and Methods of Treatment

Psychological erectile dysfunction, unlike organic ED, has a temporary nature, and in the case of timely and adequate therapy, it can be cured completely. The distinctive feature of such type of dysfunction is the absence of any physiological problems and organic disorders. It is not impotence when the physiological mechanism of erection doesn’t work. The root of the problem, in this case, lies in the head. As it is known, the sexual act is a complex process, and sexual desire is born in the brain first. The brain sends a signal to certain muscles, and the process of sexual arousal is launched and the penis is getting erected. When this mental process is disturbed, the entire process stops. A man can’t get aroused because of negative thoughts. To restore the process it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the disorder.

Causes of psychogenic erectile dysfunction include the following categories:

• Psychosocial causes. Low social skills, puritanism, refusal of the partner and even latent homosexuality relate to this category. The main symptoms include difficulties in communicating, low self-confidence, asociality. Libido is usually low or suppressed.
• Psychological causes. Congenital hypersexuality, psychological traumas at any age, disorders of sexual identity, low self-estimation are associated with this category. Libido is also very low or absent.
• Psychoneurological causes. This category is the most common and includes various fears, stress, depressions and so on. For example, the unsuccessful sexual experience can influence the man’s relation with women in future. If the man is too touchy, and its partner is not very tactful, a single failure can cause a series of new failures and a result – a psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Severe stress can also cause a psychological sexual dysfunction, though everything depends on the man. Regular stressful situations have a strong impact on potency and can even result in impotence.

Though men are considered to be the stronger sex, they are often very touchy in everything that concerns their sexual power. Facing a problem, many of them don’t go to a doctor, trying to resolve the problem by themselves, or just suppressing it with alcohol and other stimulators. Meanwhile, timely and professional treatment let’s cure the dysfunction completely.

Therapy of psychogenic erectile dysfunction depends on its cause and should start with visiting a sexologist. The specialist will help to find out the cause of the disorder and gives further recommendations. Usually, the treatment includes psychotherapy, and sometimes it involves both partners. If ED is caused by fatigue, stress or personal relations problems, recommendations include a change of scene, a good rest, and psychological consultations.

As for medication therapy, the most popular and effective method of treatment is treatment with PDE-5 inhibitors, usually Cialis. Drugs of this category help to ease the symptoms of erectile dysfunction regardless of the cause and raise self-confidence in men. In combination with psychotherapy, these drugs provide the best results.