Commercial Cialis, expert opinion and customer reviews of tadalafil

Over the Internet, we often see commercial video clips advertising medications. Of course, such a popular drug as Cialis is not an exception. In Cialis, commercial happy men and women are shown, who managed to maintain their sexual life and make it even better with the help of this magic pill. But people tend not to trust advertisement too much. No surprise that they want to know whether the claims of the manufacturer are close to reality or no. Let’s try to compare the information from these commercial clips with expert opinion and with the reviews of ordinary people, who have the experience of using the drug.

Cialis commercial

Commercial Cialis says that these tabs help to stay active at any age. Of course, they mean sexual activity. Is it true?

Expert opinion: A healthy man can stay sexually active at any age. There are known cases, when men fathered a child at the age of 80 or 90. The only obstacle on the way to a full-fledged sexual life (if a man has no serious health disorders) is a lack of erection or too weak erection. Cialis and its analogues help to restore erection irrespective of the age, weight, and other physiological indicators. Cialis is contraindicated to guys younger than 18 years old, but there is no upper limit, at least in theory. Of course, in practice, situations can be different. If a man has low libido or serious chronic diseases or doesn’t feel well, Cialis will not help to stay active. But it doesn’t depend on the age.

Patients’ reviews: About 88 percent of patients report on the high effectiveness of Cialis for erection problems treating. Moreover, there is no direct correlation between the age of a man and the effect of Cialis. The results of social researches show that the drug helps to patients from 25 to 88 years old to improve erection. Men older than 88 have not been involved in clinical trials and social surveys.

The manufacturer claims that Cialis provides an incredibly long-lasting effect. One pill is enough for the entire unforgettable weekend.

Expert opinion: Tadalafil is really preserved in the blood much longer than its analogues. Though much depends on individual condition and sensitivity to the active agent of every patient, in average the effect of Cialis lasts longer than 24 hours. There have been cases recorded when its effect was preserved for more than 40 hours after taking.

Patients’ reviews: The majority of those men, who had an experience of taking Cialis and other drugs for impotence treatment, note an extraordinary long-lasting action of the drug. Though some men write that Cialis doesn’t help them, it depends on their personal reaction to the active ingredient. Most men report on a longer, but milder and less prominent effect of Cialis, comparing it to other drugs.

The best way to check the information from commercial video clips is to test the drug by one’s own. However, if you decide to do it, read information of contraindications and side effects. Start with a smaller dose, and if it is well tolerated, you may increase it.