Lost in Erection during Intercourse – how identify the Cause and Cure it!

All problems with erection dash men’s spirits and disappoint their sexual partners. Lost in erection during intercourse brings out the most negative emotions of a man as well as his partner. This problem occurs quite often in men of different ages.

Why Lost in Erection during Intercourse Happens?

In order to avoid the problem in future lots of men try to understand the reason of it. Experts distinguish two main groups of causes that affect the erectile function: physiological and psychological. Factors from the first group are more often observed in men older than 30, from the second – in men of younger age. In some cases, pathology can develop under the influence of several causes.

Physiological reasons usually include:

  • Lost in Erection during Intercourse - how identify the Cause and Cure it!Endocrine system disorder;
  • Some medications intake;
  • Neurotic diseases;
  • Inflammation of prostate gland (prostatitis);
  • Chronic fatigue.

Psychological predisposing factors may be the following:

  • Performance anxiety syndrome;
  • Depressed mood;
  • Recurrent stressful situations;
  • Frequent masturbation;
  • Lack of sexual attention to a sexual partner;
  • First intercourse syndrome;
  • Sexual failures in the past;
  • Unusual scenery for the intercourse;
  • Long-term sexual abstinence;
  • Too often sexual contacts.

Other Reasons of the Problem

Physiological and psychological factors are not the only ones that lead to the situation when a man loses his erection just right during sexual intercourse. Being one of the signs of erectile dysfunction, lost in erection can be caused with the patient’s way of living. Among these reasons are:

  • Excessive alcohol drinking. Drinking beer is thought to be the most harmful for male health;
  • Nicotine, nitric oxide and carbonous oxide disturb circulation of blood in the pelvic organs that lead to decrease in potency;
  • Undercooling;
  • Eating much fatty, fried and salty food;
  • Lack of physical activity;
  • Too rigorous exercises;
  • Condom allergy;
  • Frequent sauna visits.

How to Solve the Problem?

With the first signs of problems with erection, a man should immediately visit a doctor: urologist, andrologist or sexual health doctor. Well-timed reference to a doctor is a guarantee of a quick recovery.

In most cases, it’s quite enoughLost in Erection during Intercourse - how identify the Cause and Cure it! just to have a rest. Relaxation, a good sleep, change of perspective let restore most central nervous functions. As the result, a man gets an increased libido, an enhanced sex drive and the problem of lost in erection during intercourse will pass by itself. Pharmaceutical and psychological treatment is required only in the case when the unpleasant situation occurs again and again.

As a first step, a man needs to identify the problem factor. It’s worth checking if an erection loses only during the intercourse with a sexual partner or during the masturbation as well. In the case when erection remains unchanged during the self-pleasure and ends with ejaculation, we may say about a psychological nature of the disorder.

In this case, it’s better to follow these recommendations for the quickest recovery:

  • Discuss the problem with a partner. Relationships with a partner are extremely important for a quick recovery. If there are some relational concerns, lack of understanding and mutual respect, there is no need to wait for a complete cure. Besides, a lost erection during intercourse happens when life partners have some domestic problems: small children, discontent with housing, financial troubles, etc.;
  • Take psychological counseling;
  • Before a full recovery, try to sexually satisfy your partner with other methods: oral stimulation, clitoral stimulation, mutual masturbation, etc.

When any physiological factor is a course of disorder, a doctor prescribes different medications to take and to have some medical procedures to eliminate disease-producing factors and to enhance erection.