Interesting Facts about Sex and Its Influence on Men’s Health

According to the WHO data, over 150 million men in the world have problems with their sexual function. An impressive figure, isn’t it? Also, statistics says that more than 50 percent of men with potency disorders after their forties don’t try to treat the disorder. They just give up, accepting the miserable fact that their sexual life has come to an end. And this is despite the fact that modern medicine offers great solutions for almost all categories irrespective of their age and type of problem, except maybe some patient with serious heart diseases. Of course, this approach is not correct. Moreover, it is proved that long sexual abstinence has a negative effect on health and on life quality in general. Here are some more interesting facts, confirming the need for sex for every man.

Fact 1. Sex is a natural painkiller. Orgasm reduces the sensitivity to pain thanks to the launch of endorphins into the blood. They start working almost immediately, and their effect can be compared with some pills from the pharmacy. So, a trivial headache is not a reason to postpone sex.

Fact 2. Sex prevents diseases. Men living a regular sexual life have a stronger immunity to many widespread diseases and recover faster. Keep in mind though that more doesn’t mean better. Uncontrolled sexual life with different partners is as harmful as the lack of sex.

Fact 3. Sex helps to overcome stress. It is not surprisingly because orgasm is always followed by deep relaxation of the entire body and mind. If you can’t get asleep because of problems at work or other miserable thoughts, don’t worry – just make sex and forget about it.

Fact 4. Sex has a positive effect on the heart. People who have sex at least twice a week have the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Researchers believe that sex has a great protective effect. It’s unusual advantages are associated with double positive affect – physiological and emotional.

Fact 5. Sex helps to look younger. Researchers from the Queen’s the University of Edinburgh found out that couples who have regular sex at least four times a week look 10 years younger than their less passionate age mates. During sex, human organism produces such hormones as dopamine, adrenalin, and noradrenalin, which help to preserve derma cells and prevent wrinkles.

Fact 6. Good sex helps to live longer. In 1997 a group of researchers from Wales proved that those who experience two or more orgasms per week die from cardiovascular diseases half as frequently as those who have less than one orgasm a month.

So, if you think that after reaching a milestone of 40 years old (or 45, or 50), you are mistaken. Every man and woman have the right to a full-fledged sexual life full of bright feelings at any age. And modern medicine offers a great solution for maintaining men’s power. An example of such solution is Cialis – a highly effective, safe and reliable drug of the new generation. Cialis is well tolerated by men irrespective of their age: one pill of this medicine provides a healthy erection for as long as 36 hours.