About us

We are one of the most reputable and reliable online pharmacies on the Internet. Thousands of customers visit our site every week and are satisfied with its operation. Our resource (domen.com) is specifically designed to provide the most convenient, effective and efficient help in curing ED and sexual problems. As experts in the field of ED treatment, we want to let you know that you are not alone and that you have come to the correct website. We will help you solve your problem. We know a great deal about human sexuality and are well-trained in the field of medical treatment of impotence.

Our team

Our company consists of 15 people –professional and experienced pharmacists who are willing to serve for your needs. We treat our employees as one family and believe in traditional values, such as warm service and friendly attitude to customers. Members of our staff, including our doctors, help men restore their sexual health over a long period of time. The experience of our specialist spans more than 15 years on average. We offer assistance of psychotherapists to those patients who suffer from psychogenic ED.

Our mission

Domen.com aims to help men who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Our visitors can find our site educational articles as well as the therapy options that will help defeat the unpleasant ailment and re-experience all the pleasures of life. We see the world where the impotence is not stigmatized, and patients suffering from this problem can get a really effective treatment at affordable prices at a time when they need it.

Our advantages

We appreciate long-term relationships with our customers and do our best to provide high-quality services. Our advantages are the following:

1) individual approach to each customer;
2) extensive experience with the problems of men’s health;
3) complete confidentiality, which is important in such an intimate matter as the problem with potency;
4) high-quality products at low prices;
5) fast delivery;
6) we offer Cialis medication, which has proven efficacy and high safety profile.
Our activities are fully legal. We are responsible citizens and act in strict compliance with applicable laws.

Best price proposals

The cost of anti-ED medicaments offered on our website is significantly lower than in other online pharmacies and stores. This difference in price is due to savings on various types of intermediaries, dealers. We are direct suppliers, which significantly reduces the final price of medicines. Medicaments offered on our website, have only positive feedback from our regular customers and a long history in the pharmaceutical market (more than 13 years).

Full safety

Our site provides all necessary instructions to Cialis. Information on dosage, along with any other relevant or important general information on the drug and male problems can be found on this website. We pay great attention to quality control and product safety and work only with reliable suppliers. We have many satisfied customers who use our services constantly.